Your Year-Round Webinar Platform

Webinar Streaming Anywhere, Anytime

Deliver high quality, engaging & interactive webinars to your online community. Live, simulated live or on-demand - all from within your video hosting platform.

Webinar Planning

Pre-event webinar features to maximise exposure, revenue, attendance and overall webinar success.

Customizable Registration Page

Simply create your event registration with customizable fields and styling options to suit your brand.  Our use our managed webinar service where our team will handle the end-to-end event webinar.

Register for a single webinar, a web series or build your online community with a library of live and on-demand webinars. 

Automated Webinar Email Reminder

Automate communications with registered attendees to ensure a high webinar attendance rate. With registration confirmation emails, reminder emails and calendar invites.

Deliver a quick turnaround of your live to on-demand webinar - using the same platform and webinar link, capturing your attendees who missed the live event.

Define Your Webinar Access

Whether you want to secure your webinar to a specific audience, monetize to non-members or share with your entire online community, webcastcloud webinars are flexible to suit each and every event.


Pre-Register Webinar Attendees

Lock your webinar down to your specific attendees or members only, so only your desired viewers can participate in your webinar. 

Sell your Webinar

Using webcastcloud pay-per-view, drive revenue by monetizing your valuable webinar content. Provider viewers live and on-demand access to keep them coming back for more.

Open Access Registration

Share your webinar with your entire online community to drive as many viewers to your live or on-demand webinar for maximum exposure to your content.

Webinar Production

All the engagement features and live delivery options you need to deliver a successful event.

Live and On-Demand Webinars

Drive your year-round online video strategy with your live and on-demand webinars hosted on your enterprise video platform.

A Video Platform where you can run your own live webinars streamline capture of important registration data, drive revenue with pay-per-view and host your videos on-demand.


Run your webinars live in real-time from anywhere, streaming directly to your audience around the world.

Simulated Live

Reply on your recorded webinar as a simulated live webinar. Engage your audience with a in real-time Q&A.


Offer your customers/members instant access to your recorded webinars, with webinars On-Demand.

Managed or Self Run Webinars

Deliver high quality, interactive and engaging webinars, with streamlined access for your viewers. All from one centralized location for all your live and on-demand webinars.

Managed Webinar

Managed Webinars

Work with our experienced video production team to deliver a high-quality webinar experience and take away any of the pressure that comes with producing a webinar with multiple speakers and a large viewing audience. Our team will manage the end-to-end webinar experience, providing you with absolute peace of mind.

Self Run Webinars

Make the most out of your webinar content and run multiple live webinars each month. Simply schedule your speakers, create the registration and page branding and start promoting your event. You can connect popular meeting clients to our Live RTMP Input and start streaming your webinars today.


Engagement Tools

Interact engagement tools with your audience throughout your live, simulated live, or on-demand webinars, by placing engaging questions at specific intervals


Multiple Choice

Multiple-choice questions allow you to gain a mix of quantitative & qualitative primary data insights.

Star Ratings

Have your audience rate presenters, content, and more, using our Star Rating feature to provide scaled feedback.

Open Text Questions

Gain more in-depth qualitative insights from your audience by using open text questions to ask attendees for detailed feedback.

Live Chat

  • Creating an interactive community with Live Webinar Chat.  Allow your viewers to connect for your live stream, or incorporate into simulated live webinars to connect with your speakers. 


Get real-time feedback from your viewers through generating a survey of multiple choice, start rating and open text questions. The earlier you provide a survey, the higher your response rate.

Continuing Education Tracking

Assign and track Continuing Education points with yoru live and on-demand webinars - through attendance analytics or through in-build video quizzes to meet self-assessment compliance. 

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Work with us through your webinar strategy holistically. It's not just a silo business solution.

  • Build your brand loyalty and engagement strategy with your own dedicated video channel - one location for your upcoming Live and Recorded Webinars.


Post Webinar

Analytics and Webinars On-Demand

Webinars Hosting OnDemand

Deliver all your live and on-demand webinars through your dedicated branded video catalog. Don't make it complex by sending out different links for your live and on-demand sessions.

Through front-of-mind awareness, your viewers will know to go straight to your video library to access the webinar. No more searching through emails to find that live or on-demand link!

Use your centralized webinar platform to create ongoing up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Webinar Analytics

Our detailed post-webinar analytics report will provide detailed data on your audience and individual attendee interactions.

Better understand how attendees engaged with your webinar, so you can continue to create valuable content for your online community.

Key Webinar Features & Benefits

Our Feature-rich platform makes it easy to unlock the many benefits of hosting your webinars with webcastcloud.

  • Secure your webinars to specific audience, and monetize your videos with pay-per-view, member discounts and subscription models.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Our AMS & CRM integrations provide seamless access to viewers through Single Sign-On (SSO) with your customer or member website. Taking the complexity out of complex registration forms for each and every event.
Analytics & Continuing Education
  • Automate CPD/CAE/CEU Point tracking with Live and On-Demand webinar engagement, building out valuable data for your viewers, allowing them to view and report their activity across Continuing Education content.
Webinar Library
  • Incorporate your searchable video channel with live webcasts, webinars or other videos from your conference, events, webinars, CPD, trainings and other meetings.
Streaming Anywhere at Anytime

Produce webinars to engage your audience anywhere, anytime. Webinars can be delivered Live, Simulated Live, and On-Demand.

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Streaming your Webinar from a centralized location funnels your audience through your branded video library on their way to your webinar content, creates cross-selling & up-selling opportunities for your other valuable videos & events.

Streamlined Integrations

Our wide selection of customer-relationship, member management, and association management software integration help to simplify your video sales strategy.

Interactive Tools

Keep your audience engaged with your webinar by using our range of interactive tools including; Live Polls, Chat, and more.

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