iMIS Video Integration
Streamline How You Stream and Sell your Association Videos

The seamless online member video experience will keep your community engaged and create a growing demand for your content year-round.


Video Channel


Increase non-dues revenue year-round with integrated video products with iMIS EMS


iMIS Single Sign-On (SSO)

With the webcastcloud and iMIS Association Engagement Management (EMS) Software Integration, Associations and NFPs can now offer a streamlined and intuitive member experience.

Sell Videos, Courses & Events

Create year-round revenue from your live and on-demand video content with monetization features such as pay-per-view, subscriptions, video bundles, enterprise access, education courses, virtual or hybrid events and more

Define Member Access

Automate access for members to their video or event content. Streamline how you define access across your entire video library for differing membership types, event registrations or groups.

Simplify your Video Sales with Member and Non-Member Pricing

The webcastcloud iMIS Integration offers automated video product pricing to all your member types.

webcastcloud’s flexible video platform simplifies a wide variety of pricing options, from single video sales or an entire education package; from virtual & hybrid events, continuing education, or webinars -
your video sales strategy is flexible to suit your needs!

Keep Selling in iMIS

With Single-Sign-On and our advanced integration, you can continue to sell your Events, Subscriptions and other product in iMIS. webcastcloud will intuitively know your members personalised access level and member pricing on log-in.

Cross-Sell Videos in your Library

Continue to drive year-round sales by selling individual videos and other video bundles in webcastcloud. Your members can search for videos of interest, buy them on the spot and view immediately.

iMIS EMS and webcastcloud Video Integration will take your online video and event strategy to new heights.

Your Associations branded Video Library will empower your Associations or NFP to create a new year-round revenue from video sales, video subscriptions and live and on-demand events and webinars.

Set your organization apart from your competitors and other education providers with your dedicated member video library.

Speed up your go-to-market

Start selling your Association Videos with iMIS & webcastcloud today!

Flexible Ways to Sell Videos & Virtual Events to suit your Association's Video Strategy

Your dedicated organization video channel will allow your members to search and access countless hours of valuable video content. With a huge variety of video monetization options, webcastcloud provides the ability to start selling your videos to drive non-dues revenue year-round


Showcase Video Content

Highlight your most valuable video content, or give center stage to your upcoming virtual event.

Launch Quickly

Upload your branding, videos, and fast-track launch through your AMS Integrated member video library.

Automate Member Access

Automate Members video access based on different membership types, groups, and status.

Member Pricing Tiers

Flexibility to set pricing tiers for videos or bundles for each of your member types. The member price is displayed automatically to members after their SSO Login.

Sell Individual Videos

Use our Video Paywall to sell individual videos. Select popular or high-value videos to sell as individual pay-per-view videos.

Sell Virtual & Hybrid Events

Create branded conference & event experiences. Sell member access to your sessions for both live and on-demand content.  Manage pricing tiers for different member types and organizations.

Enterprise Subscriptions

Sell video subscriptions at an enterprise level. Use our ‘Enterprise Whitelist’ application to sell premium video access for a single video, event, conference channel or full video library, to an entire company.

Sell Subscriptions

A member subscription to a dedicated series or category of content, or your entire video library. Create a renewable and growing revenue stream for your Association.

Kick Start your Association Video Sales Strategy with iMIS Video Integration

Streamline your go-to-market strategy by automating processes and applications to stream and sell your live and on-demand videos.

With our all-in-one video platform, you can centralize valuable member insights and analytics, and distribute your video content, meeting your entire organizational needs.

Run Virtual & Hybrid Events - Year-Round

Webcastcloud provides the capability for you to live stream your event, run a simulated live event and host your video on-demand. You can control access to the entire event or drill down into smaller video sessions through our enhanced integration with iMIS by ASI.

With your individually branded event or conference pages we’ve got your year-round content strategy and event requirements covered.

Learn More about webcastcloud Virtual Events

Create a reputable brand for your video channel

Add value to your members through access to countless hours of valuable video content on your branded video channel.

  • Inspire customers, increase credibility as a quality education producer, and continue to build an online engaged and loyal community.

Sell or Stream videos and online events to Members, whether it be your latest webinar, education courses, seminars, meetings and virtual events.


Automate Member Access & Pricing

Through the advanced iMIS Integration, we automate access to videos, channels and events through member profile information stored in your iMIS Association Management Software.

  • Set different access and pricing tiers of content through your Association Groups, Member Types, and Event Delegates.
  • Automate member profile creation in webcastcloud to start capturing valuable insights from your members video activity.

Enhance your Members Experience with an iMIS and webcastcloud Video Integration

Arrange a demo today to understand how webcastcloud Integration with iMIS can help you take your video strategy to the next level.

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Offer Members More
with In-Built Video Interactivity

Use in-built video interactivity features such as quizzing, surveys, polls, open text questions, and star ratings to get your members engaged with your online videos events or educational videos.

Video Polls - Live or

Multiple Choice Questions

Use our dynamic polls to conduct Surveys, ask Open Text Questions, promote Star Ratings and more.

Options to Display Results

Make result of polls publicly viewable to foster discussion.

CPD Points tracking CE points tracking

Track CPD & Continuing Education Activity

Evaluate content comprehension with In-Built Video Quizzing

Provide evidence of content comprehension and engagement with the video, by letting your members take a quiz within your video.

Ensure competency has been met through quizzes within your videos. Members can track and gain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Education points automatically after achieving the desired pass rate.


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