Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & KOL Webcasts and Streaming

Amplify medical knowledge through a branded live webcast/stream experience and searchable library of video resources.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical companies, medical associations and other healthcare leaders are continuing medical education and public health outreach online with webcastcloud.

Whether its a hybrid live or online event with remote international speakers, your next KOL speaker dinner meeting broadcast to satellite locations, or creating a branded video library for your valuable video resources, the webcastcloud platform streamlines the event to provide the highest quality online experience.

Continuing Medical Education


Ongoing training is essential in the medical fieldand having continuing medical education courses and content offered online means that training can be delivered to wider audiences, content can be monetized and educators can provide flexibility and convenience that give their organization a competitive edge.

Those taking classes benefit from anytime, anyplace access to the education they need via live webcasts/streams and rich video libraries.


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Live Conferences & Meetings


For all Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Online Events, from new product training, industry wide communications, dinner meetings or conferences, webcasting allows you to extend the reach of each and every event, nationally or globally.

In the ever-changing medical world, product updates, new launches and critical information must be communicated quickly and consistently and many times to large, widely dispersed audiences.

Video is the best tool to get everyone on the same page fast in a cost-effective way.


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Searchable Video Library

Provide a branded video content management system for your webinar and educational videos, that makes it easy to find all live and on-demand content.

Live and On-Demand content

Simplify access for your viewers with your branded channel for all your live and on-demand videos. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Online events made simple.

Interactive & Engaging Webinar and Online Event Experience

Video and Presentation Content

Combine video and your powerpoint content into you live and on-demand stream.

Interactive Online Audience

Provide online viewers with the ability to interact with speakers onsite through submitting questions, polling, open text questions, star ratings and teleconference.

Simplify your entire online event

The webcastcloud event team will streamline your entire online event experience.

Whether its a virtual event with speakers all over the globe, or a dinner webcast/stream with multiple speakers and locations, our events team will manage the end-to-end event. From audio visual production, teams at satellite locations through to the live webcast/stream and on-demand delivery.

Speak to webcastcloud about your healthcare video streaming needs

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