Live, Simulated and On-Demand Webinars

Create your valuable video library with all upcoming live and recorded webinars.

Managed or Self Run Webinars

Deliver high quality and engaging webinars, with streamlined access for your viewers. One location for your live and on-demand webinar library.

Provide a central location and front-of-mind resources for your members and community to watch your next live webinar and search through past or upcoming events, conferences, meetings or videos.

Managed Webinars

Work with our experience video production team to deliver a high quality webinar experience and take away any of the pressure that comes with producing a webinar with multiple speakers and a large viewing audience. Our team can deliver the end-to-end experience.

Self Run Webinars

Make the most out of your video channel and run multiple live webinars each month. Simply schedule in your speakers, create the registration and page branding and start promoting your event. You can connect popular meeting clients to our Live RTMP Input and start streaming your webinars today.  

Webinar Hosting

Deliver all your live and on-demand webinars through your dedicated branded video catalog.  Dont make it complex by sending out different links for your live and on-demand sessions. Through front-of-mind awareness your viewers will know to go straight to your video library to access the webinar.  No more searching through emails to find that live or on-demand link!

Think about your video and webinars strategy holistically. It's not just a silo business solution.

  • Build your brand loyalty and engagement strategy with your own dedicated video channel - one location for your upcoming Live and Recorded Webinars.


  • Secure your webinars to specific audience, and monetize your videos with pay-per-view, member discounts and subscription models.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Provide seamless access to viewers through Single Sign-On (SSO) with your customer or member website. Taking the complexity out of complex registration forms for each and every event.
Analytics & Continuing Education
  • Automate CPD/CAE/CEU Point tracking with Live and On-Demand webinar engagement, building out valuable data for your viewers, allowing them to view and report their activity across Continuing Education content.
Webinar Library
  • Incorporate your searchable video channel with live webcasts, webinars or other videos from your conference, events, webinars, CPD, trainings and other meetings.