Live Stream Council Meetings

Create your dedicated and branded council video library to simplify how you host all your live and on-demand council meetings.

Simplify your Council Meeting Broadcasts

Live streaming council meetings allows your local council to ensure openness and transparency to the public, and allow ease of access to decisions that are made in your area.

Allow your audience to watch live in real-time via their desktop or mobile device, or watch an archived on-demand version of the meeting online within minutes of the meetings completion.

Council Video Library

Simplify Viewer Access

Broadcast live to your online audience through your own dedicated and branded video website. Making it simple for your viewers to know how to access you live and recorded council meetings.

Streamline Broadcast Process

Eliminate the need for staff to manage updating their website with the latest live and on-demand video links.

Automatically publish live and on-demand meetings to your video channel, making it as simple as possible for non-technical personnel to oversee.

Value for your community

Provide transparency and public involvement in council processes

Greatly improve the relationship between the council and its community

Allows those that want to observe the decision-making process attend via the online webcast, regardless of meeting time or location

Allow viewers who missed daily proceeding to later on-demand

The ability to support an inclusive audience with live and on-demand closed captions

Provide the opportunity for your community to engage with its councillors and vice versa


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