Who isn’t streaming Video’s these days?

Streaming Subscriptions are on the rise with digital home entertainment driving growth. Companies like Amazon, Foxtel Go, Netflix and TEDx/ Ted talks have grown in recent years as they continue to create personalized and rich viewing experiences for their customers. Enough encouragement for companies like Apple and Disney to jump into the marketplace with their own high-profile catalogues of original programming.

So, what about tapping into the marketplace with your own branded video subscription?

There’s something magical about video, we’re being drawn in to watch them on mobile phones, laptops, iPads, anywhere and at any time; rather than read about your association, potential members will be watching videos to find out what you can offer your members  and what they can learn from you.

If you are looking to grow your member base, offering a high-quality consumer experience through your own Video Channel will drive brand awareness, engagement, familiarity and brand loyalty to your community.

Through a branded video channel where you control the ads, you’ll foster a strong corporate identity and create a reputable brand for your organizational content. With searchable channels for events, webinars and continuing education, accessed seamlessly through single-sign-on (SSO) from your website, CRM or Association Management Software (AMS) you will ensure an engaging and valuable experience for members.

Value for money can mean many things, but relevant and useful content will always rank near the top members will trust the source and know that what you are sharing to members will be useful.

A Video Subscription Service will:

  • Appeal to younger audiences
  • Provide the ability to sell single videos, packages or channels
  • Increase credibility as a quality education provider
  • Improve renewal rates
  • Build a reputation for creativity
  • Support face to face communications through a quality and interactive viewing experience
  • Provide Instant Gratification from purchase to Online Viewing

If your Association videos are looking like they are still in the 90’s it’s time to launch your own video subscription service with webcastcloud. Be part of the digital marketplace and start sharing your content instantly with your online community to maximise engagement, exposure and revenue.