We are thrilled to recount our participation in the esteemed ASAE MM&C Conference 2023, a dynamic two-day event held from June 21-22 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. This conference brought together a full house of marketing and membership association professionals, all driven by a shared enthusiasm to uncover fresh strategies for marketing strategies, revenue growth and elevating member experiences.

Organized by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), the MM&C Conference stands as an annual cornerstone in the association industry. Its tailored focus on association professionals, executives, and decision-makers who play pivotal roles in managing and leading associations underscores its significance. The event served as an invaluable platform for exchanging insights, exploring industry trends, and unearthing innovative solutions to the common challenges that associations encounter.


Streaming Giants Influence Association Non-Dues Revenue

One of the highlights of the ASAE MM&C Conference was the thought-provoking talk by webcastcloud’s CEO& Co-Founder, Jordana Davis. Her presentation focused on overcoming content challenges, breaking down information silos, and unlocking associations’ revenue potential while enhancing member satisfaction. Drawing from the transformative impact of streaming platforms on association revenue models, Davis captivated the audience with insights on how associations can leverage similar strategies to optimize their non-dues revenue streams.

During the session, Jordana Davis drew insightful parallels between the success of streaming giants like Netflix and the potential applications for associations. She shed light on how these platforms have mastered the art of content curation, personalization, and seamless user experiences, resulting in significant revenue generation. Attendees were not only inspired by the possibilities but were also provided with concrete examples of how they could enhance their association’s offerings. The notion of applying a “Netflix-style” approach to their own association content libraries piqued their curiosity, prompting many to contemplate its implementation within their organizations. With a focus on enhancing member satisfaction, Davis’s talk resonated strongly with association professionals, encouraging them to explore innovative avenues for revenue growth.

The session provided an opportunity for association professionals to share their challenges in monetizing content effectively. Limited searchability and fragmented content distribution were recurring themes voiced by the audience. Many associations struggled with multiple video technologies and scattered content pages on their websites, making it difficult for members to access relevant and valuable information easily.

Feedback from the audience on the challenges they faced in generating non-dues revenue was eye-opening. Many expressed frustration with the existing disjointed systems, which hindered their ability to offer cohesive content experiences to their members. Some mentioned that despite producing high-quality educational content, they struggled to effectively promote and monetize it.

Overall, the “Streaming Giants Influence Association Non-Dues Revenue” session left a lasting impression on attendees. It sparked a renewed sense of curiosity and excitement about the possibilities of integrating innovative revenue strategies into their associations. Armed with newfound inspiration, association professionals were eager to explore webcastcloud’s video and content monetization platform and discover how it could address their specific challenges.

If you missed the talk or want to learn more, webcastcloud is offering live demos to provide a comprehensive understanding of their platform’s capabilities.


Unveiling Innovative Non-Dues Revenue Strategies

With the stage set by this engaging session, attendees were keen to visit webcastcloud’s exhibition kiosk and experience firsthand the solutions that could revolutionize their associations’ revenue growth and member engagement.

As exhibitors at the ASAE MM&C Conference, webcastcloud had an exciting time introducing attendees to their revolutionary video and content monetization platform, focusing on demonstrating new and innovative non-dues revenue strategies. These strategies are designed to support associations in achieving revenue growth while providing a seamless digital experience for their members.


The ASAE MM&C Conference 2023 was an extraordinary event, and webcastcloud was thrilled to be a part of it. With their innovative video and content monetization platform, webcastcloud is set to revolutionize how associations drive non-dues revenue and deliver a seamless digital experience to their members. If you are an association professional looking to enhance revenue growth and member engagement, be sure to explore webcastcloud’s offerings.


To learn more about the ASAE MM&C Conference 2023, visit the event page here.