webcastcloud is helping PersoniFest 2020 go Virtual - converting InPerson to a Live Personify Virtual Event

For the past 2 years, webcastcloud has attended Personify Corp‘s annual user group conference and supported their conference to deliver select speaker content live online to customers unable to attend, as well as record all sessions for on-demand viewing for conference delegates. This year PersoniFest with be a Personify Virtual Event.

This year PersoniFest 2020 is no longer in-person due to the current public health crisis, COVID-19. Many in-person conference and event organizers are looking for ways to transition to online virtual events using video streaming and hosting solutions to keep their events running, whilst still providing a high quality and branded online experience for their attendees and their sponsors.

This year will be our 3rd consecutive year at PersoniFest. Even though this year will be a little different, it is still going to be packed with the same great content! and the best part is that webcastcloud will be delivering the entire event online to Personify customers around the globe.

The virtual experience of the conference will still allow you to attend breakout sessions online, product training and demos led by industry experts so you can get the most out of the event through the PersoniFest Video Channel – powered by webcastcloud.

The virtual experience will be live streaming online on April 23, 2020 / 9:30 a.m. ET.

Click here to view the full agenda.

So how are PersoniFest adapting to create a Personify virtual event?

Check out this episode of the Planet Leadership podcast to learn how webcastcloud will help convert a real-world event into a virtual space using our video streaming platform.

With the conference only a few weeks away, we’re getting ready to share the best insights and strategies for creating the ultimate event experience for your members.

As the external environment is changing daily and more events are being converted online, many organizations are turning to video conferencing and streaming solutions to virtualize their events.

To learn more about how you can seamlessly convert to a virtual event, check out our webinar series where we cover insightful tips and strategies to help you make better decisions and successfully deliver your online event experience.


Here’s 3 ways you can make the most out of the PersoniFest virtual conference.

1. Learn how to Develop a Video Strategy That Drives Member Engagement and Revenue

Have you used video communications to drive membership growth and engagement? Are you looking to boost your association’s membership and revenue growth?

Now is the best time to start looking at your enterprise video strategy and utilize the technologies available to start engaging our dispersed workflow, members and customers.

Video is a powerful tool with the ability to communicate your messages in a quick and engaging way, attracting new members, generating revenue and increasing member value.

This year at PersoniFest 2020, video expert Jordana Davis from webcastcloud will show you how to grow your online community using an integrated video strategy that builds brand awareness, member retention, and saves money on the cost of running individual events.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Tips on defining your video strategy to drive engagement
  • How to increase the number of member renewals
  • Proven hacks to bring in new revenue streams using video
  • And more!

Save your seat.

2.  Experience how Personify has converted their Conference to a Virtual PersoniFest

Are you looking to virtualize your own conference or year-round engagement with your members?

This a great opportunity to see how Personify are taking their event online, and reprogramming their 3 day 5 breakout rooms, plenary/Keynotes sessions and PersiAwards into a 100% virtual online event.

Not only will their be great Association and Technology content being shared, but we will get the opportunity to get a real-life look at these event technologies in use.

Some of these take-away will help you to define your own video strategy to increase member value and year-round engagement, especially during this time of isolation.

3.   Earn CAE credits

If you’re looking to learn and gain valuable skills to bring back to your association, then attending breakout sessions is where you can rack up your accreditation points.

Our breakout session How to Develop a Video Strategy That Drives Member Engagement and Revenue will be valid for CAE credits so don’t forget to sign up.

There are over 50 breakout sessions and 20+ hours of training so there are plenty of opportunities to learn and earn CAE credits.



We look forward to seeing you online at PersoniFest 2020 and sharing more of our tips and strategies used by Personify to run their 2020 virtual event.

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