T’is the Season for Membership Renewals fa-la-la-la-la, la-la- la-la

The subscription industry is growing rapidly across many sectors which makes this an opportune time to give the gift of value, engagement and experiences to your members. Delivering a lifetime of value will ensure that your valuable subscribers don’t fall out of love with membership to your Association or Organisation.

Don’t let membership fatigue set in. Here’s 5 tips on making this the season for creating forever members.

1.Create Successful relationships by providing seamless experiences like Single-sign-on (SSO) to access streaming, purchasing and educational resources through your own branded video channel. Create a content library that offers a mix of videos, articles, tip sheets, webinars and online learning programs to ensure your members have all the resources they require with one simple click.

2. We all love opening presents So, bundle valuable things together, create online content packages, event and content packages, most popular presentation packages, online education topics. Make sure that the bundle of features and benefits you provide on an ongoing basis is curated to suit the needs of your specific member groups.

3. Invite everyone to the Christmas Party, provide a personalised experience. You want all members to experience the joy of inclusion and the benefits of networking. Introduce members to each other, engage your members with shared insights, buddy up your younger members with those that can share their journey experiences and provide secrets and tips to their success.

4. Is it time for a New Year’s resolution. What’s your membership renewal model, vision, strategy, and how are you delivering on it? Now might be the time to re-think on the way you are delivering your message. Take a look with fresh eyes and compare the expectations and needs of tomorrows members with your current members.  Provide educational resources, internships and career opportunities to attract graduates. Build on your relationship with todays’ and tomorrows members.

5. Christmas sales can be year-round long-term value. Establish predictable revenue with subscription pricing and access models, freemium incentives for premium members, turn casual browsers into super spenders with pay-per-view. Know who your best customers are, track their progress and build in more elements to support their goals, offering a better experience and building a forever relationship.

Your foundation to success lies in building lasting relationships with your members so don’t hesitate to share insider tips on how to get the most value from your memberships.

Thanks Robbie Kellman Baxter for the inspiration

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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