Are you maximizing the value of your video content?

Juggling multiple platforms for your webinars, videos & continuing education?

Missing opportunities to sell videos because it’s too difficult to set-up & manage?

Do you have non-dues revenue, connecting and growing your membership?

Frustrated with a video platform that doesn’t talk to your AMS?

As Keynote Rakia Reynolds says “Nothing is more important in today’s climate than the ability to connect, motivate and lead people.” These 3 powerful words are integral to the success of your video strategy.

  • Connect with your community via a year-round video strategy that can deliver a personalized “Netflix style” video experience anywhere anytime. Your branded video channel provides a high-quality connected experience for your members
  • Motivate your members as they engage and interact with your topical and educational online content. If it resonates, they will be inspired to take action.
  • Lead through your branded content hub with content(topics) relevant to your audience and that is related to organizational goals. Be the “go-to” source for your Industry knowledge.

Connecting, motivating, and leading your members will not only create a more meaningful relationship between you and your community it creates a softer sell for your online content, opening the door to increasing non-dues revenue.

The impressive conference Keynotes and Session Presenters at this years ASAE’s 2022 Marketing, Membership and Communications Conference will arm you with all that you need to create a successful content revenue strategy.

As Mike Maddock @theideamonkey the opening Keynote will explain “The power of disruption is the power to success” and with these 5 great MMC topics:

  • Make your content count – Sarah Black
  • What’s branding got to do with content – Lidia Varesco Racoma
  • Build and market a strong international value proposition – Jakub Konysz and Sylvia Gonner
  • Making non-dues revenue predictable: marketing subscription eLearning – Elizabeth Lang and Michelle Markelz
  • Content Models that Engage and Monetize – Dan Stevens 

Webcastcloud can bring relevant solutions to action these real-life Association problems.   

With Video as your mainstay, marketing, membership, and monetization goals are easily achieved with the Ultimate 365 Video platform for Associations.

A branded Association Video Library that integrates with your AMS Member Website will add value back to members by delivering a searchable and personalized “Netflix-style” video experience.

Now the market has returned to hybrid & in-person events and meetings it’s critical to understand the value a year-round video strategy can bring.         

The possibilities to do big things are wider than you can imagine, and they are achievable!

Webcastcloud’s top 5 to Inform, Educate, Inspire and Monetize          

1. The right video platform –  

  • Become the Hub, with a purpose built 365 year-round video monetization & hosting platform for your Association
  • Deliver your webinars, online meetings, courses and events year round with a modern video platform.
  • A flexible, engaging and interactive feature set for virtual conferences and hybrid events of all sizes.
  • A platform that delivers all your video content from a central, searchable location.
  • Run multiple live streams, distinguish your events with their own branded event channel and content that’s easy to find, purchase and view.
  • Save on production costs as you easily create and upload your own video content. Webinars, continuing education, events, video-on-demand all hosted together on the one dedicated video platform.

2. Monetize Your Video Content

  • Monetizing your online videos and increase non-dues revenue, enhancing your enterprise video strategy with a corporate branded video channel to simplify how you sell videos online.
  • Continue the conversation before during and after your online event by re-purposing your event content creating snack sized learning videos, highlights and event video packages.
  • Package content in multiple ways; sell webinars, create subscriptions, video vouchers, enterprise packages, and more to a variety of targeted audiences driving both revenue and customer engagement.  

3. Streamline your Association workflow with an integrated platform.

  • Streamline back-end processes with a video platform that integrates with your Association Management Software (AMS) from single-sign-on, member pricing and access, subscriptions, event access, and continuing education activity tracking.
  • Use the same platform for live and on-demand member webinars simplifying member access and providing more monetization opportunities for non-members.
  • Drive revenue through digital products within your AMS or cross sell directly from your branded video channel.
  • Achieve 360 Association video streaming integration by centralizing all video analytics, Continuing education points and sending data directly back to your Association’s membership software.

4. Offer video solutions that educate and generate revenue

  • By delivering online learning experiences.  
  • Automate CME/CAE/CEU Point tracking with Live and On Demand webinar engagement building out valuable viewable data and reporting activity for your viewers.  
  • Use interactivity to drive engagement – with Polls, Live Q&A, in-built video quizzing across all webinars, events, and online videos.           

5. Create an engaged global community

  • With your white label video channel. Create a branded experience to suit your organization.
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging with thoughtful branding, messaging, and personalization.
  • Cross expose your members to different video content and events and allow them to create their own playback of content that is of value to them.
  • Support your sponsors by providing year-round sponsorship opportunities with event and webinar ad placements.

In today’s climate the importance of connecting, motivating and leading people can’t be underestimated, Associations are in the driving seat and with the right video content strategy they can be impactful in so many great ways.

Are you ready to do big things? Come visit webcastcloud at stand 515 at the ASAE MC&C Conference 2022, or reach out to our team to discuss your video strategy today.