The show can go on; the format may not be as originally intended but that by no way means that virtual events cannot be as successful as in-person events.

Those courageous enough to think outside the square and go virtual will be rewarded, for most the hard work for your event or conference has been done, speakers have been engaged, sponsors committed, agendas and program are ready to go. It’s just a matter of putting yourselves in the hands of a creative webcasting company to help you transfer to a fantastic Virtual Event.

Don’t let all that valuable content sit on the shelf until after COVID-19 and risk it becoming less topical, more importantly safeguard those ticket sales by continuing to offer your event to your attendees online, where and whenever they choose to watch – particularly when post event the entire conference can be made available for on-demand viewing.

We are finding more and more people globally working from home. So, breaking your conference into on-demand smaller chunks is a great opportunity for your delegates to consumer your sessions at a time that suits them. Watching 3 full days of back-to-back speakers will now be difficult for many.

What style of Virtual Events work for you?

webcastcloud are having varied discussions with our customers on a daily basis. Every event and organisation is slightly different.

  • Hybrid Virtual Events provide a combination of onsite and online attendees and now speakers
  • 100% Virtual Events with virtual attendees and online delegates
  • Pre-Record Speaker Sessions that are then Streamed Live
  • Remote Virtual Speakers that are Live Streamed
  • Dedicated Studios for your MC and Onsite or Virtual Speakers delivering a TV style studio experience
  • Mobile Virtual Studio from a hotel or meeting room

Let’s get creative with some options for your event content!

We all know that it’s generally impossible to attend every session or track at an in-person conference or event. So, by the day’s end, your head is swimming with ideas and information. By the following week, you’re back to your regular work schedule, a percentage of the information and ideas have been shelved.

The beauty of Virtual Events is that your content does not have to be pushed out in one or 2 days, a creative marketing strategy for your event or conference campaign can really pay off as can the running of your event over a 4 week period.

Daily releases or a drip-feed campaign will give your attendees the opportunity to watch every presentation they choose to.

Mix it up with Live and pre-record presentations, making sure that you include your Sponsors and advertisers in this scenario, their pre-recorded content can be incorporated into the event streams. Teasers and social media bites become an integral part of your pre and post event strategy with interactivity options like Q&A, Polls, Live Chat and your Event App helping to simulate an in-person event.

The quality of your event is only limited by your imagination so get your team together and brainstorm formats, features and strategies to best mirror or improve on your in-person events.

Once committed you can start monetizing your event, packaging your event into many different pay per view options. These include individual video sales, subscriptions, premium members packages, delegates and corporate packages to suggest a few.

You may have been challenged by deciding on how to turn your in-person event into a virtual event or conference but the opportunities you get back from the inclusion of event technology will allow you to reach new audiences, retain your sponsors and advertisers, strengthen your brand and the loyalty of your attendees for continuing to keep communications and the event experience alive.

I read a recent comment from a US cameraman Chris Newson that back in the 90’s when screen writers were on strike reality TV evolved!

Look where we are now reality TV has become a game changer, I believe the Virtual Event will be too.

Ready to talk Virtual Event strategy?