The benefits of repurposing the content from your virtual or hybrid events are endless. Unlike in-person events, your online event will provide you with hours of great video content that can be re-purposed to create even more value for your attendees, members, and organisation. 

Let’s explore 8 ways to repurpose your virtual event content:


1. Re-host a Virtual Conference Online

Your event was a huge success! Are some delegates kicking themselves for missing the event or wanting to re-watch their favourite speaker?

Riding off the back of the initial event hype is the perfect time to replay your event. Use your recorded video content to simulate the live event for virtual attendees that still want the live event experience.

Re-host virtual or hybrid events. Schedule a simulated live broadcast to re-host your recent online event, and use interactivity features to encourage engagement with your virtual attendees.

Use live chat to allow your viewers to interact with your speaker or moderator throughout your simulated live stream. Conducting a Q&A chat in real-time after the pre-recorded session has been simulated live, will create an environment for discussion and allow your speaker to answer questions.

Use Webcastcloud’s Video Monetization Platform to segment your online conference into popular individual or packaged sessions to re-sell to virtual delegates. Webcastcloud is designed to help you maximise your event ROI through our intelligent video monetization platform. So use webcastcloud to enjoy the many benefits and opportunities for re-hosting your virtual or hybrid events.


2. Blogging your Hybrid Event

Write it up! Blogging helps you connect with your current audience, reach new customers, and improve your website optimization. So start by selecting 3 to 4 key learnings or highlights from the event and write them up in your business blog.

Depending on the volume and quality of your content, form one or many blogs with your post-event content. Make sure the voice of your blog, and writing style, reflect your brand identity & values.

Remember to keep the blog relatable to your audience, make it simple and consumable. Remember that your blog is a snippet or highlight, avoid getting too specific or technical, by keeping it short. 


3. Create a Drip Campaign

Video is a game-changer for email campaign conversion rates. According to a report published by Forrester, incorporating relevant video content in your EDM can increase click-through rates by 200-300%. The post-event video content can easily be clipped into smaller shareable sections. So be creative with how you incorporate elements of your post-event video content in your email marketing strategy.

Using a drip content email campaign post-event is extremely impactful. Not enough associations or event professionals make the best use of their content in a post-event email campaign. Too many professionals are stuck in the bad habit of just moving on to the next event after their event has finished. Increase the impact of your event by running a smart drip campaign that uses video content to drive customers to action.

Consider using your drip campaign to sell your post-event video content. For example, sending customers a highlight of the best speakers might show them a session or speaker they missed out on. Make it easy for them to watch short clips within the email, and include links for them to easily navigate to your On-Demand video library.


4. Create a Webinar Learning Series

Cut together highly targeted and relevant learning content to form the foundation of your learning webinar series. Virtual events and hybrid events alike, present an opportunity to curate a collection of great educational video content.

Turn your video content into a short and focused webinar series on a specific subject matter. Add learning resources, such as a downloadable workbook or other collateral material. Package up and monetize the small series with member and non-member pricing. You now have a great educational package to monetize year-round to your learning community.

Ted-talks substantiates this! TED recommends condensing your content into highly relevant 5-minute to 18-minute videos. Studies have indicated that video learning is kept at its peak during this window.

A webinar series can be very flexible. So it may be locked, only accessible to members or opened to public access. A webinar series is a powerful tool that can increase the value of your offering and attract new event attendees and customers.

Your webinar can be an effective promotional tool, but it can also make you money. Does your webinar series include any, unique content, expert insights, thought leaders, celebrities, or innovative new ideas? If you’ve taken the time to put together an award-winning webinar series then why not monetize that video content? Charging for great video content is a smart way to create an additional revenue stream.

When monetizing your webinar series consider the many packaging options available, making the distinctions between a member package and non-member package, or subscription vs pay-per-view options, will appeal to wider range of member preferences.

A webinar series can be packaged to suit each audience. Lock your content to members or subscribers only, monetize your series through pay-per-view or provide access to part of the series as a lead generation tool to capture a new audience. A webinar series is a powerful tool to increase the value of your existing offering, and attract new audience for your membership or your next event.


5. Get Social to Generate Leads

Attendees are already talking on social media about the great moments at your virtual or hybrid event. Use this momentum to drive audience engagement via social channels to keep the conversations alive, and start generating leads for your next virtual event.

Your virtual conference or event has key moments that are highly shareable, so share them!

Repurpose your event content with 1 to 5 minute clips and push them out through social channels.

For example an AGM often has a 2 to 5 minute summary that delivers the main information shareholders want to find. Share short highlights that deliver this information to your target audience. Crafting content that your audience and followers want to re-share will push your message to a broader new audience. Use this sharable content as a lead magnet to strengthen campaigns, generate leads for your next event, and take your organization’s marketing to the next level.

Webcastcloud understands the power of using shareable video’s across social channels, and can work with you during and post-event to produce shareable video content that will help increase your reach.


6. Add Continuing Education Points to your on-demand event videos

Does your hybrid event deliver high value content?

Is there potential to use this content in a Continuing Professional Development or Continuing ­Education program?

Do delegates achieve Continuing Education points for attending your virtual event?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, consider providing this high-value content to your members and community as video-on-demand (VOD).

Take the best from your online event and transform it into segments of on-demand video content. Remember to craft your video content in accordance with the professional standards for your industry.  

Professional Development programs generally require learning hours or proof-of-completion, along with an assessment that demonstrates knowledge comprehension in order to allocate CPE, CEU or CE Points.

Allocating Continuing Education Points to on-demand video has seen a huge growth is pay-per-revenue for Associations and Registered Training Organizations (RTOs).

Through an intuitive platform that provides this in-depth level video activity and Education Point tracking, streamlines the efforts for education managers to track and assign activity and points to their membership database.

With in-built video quizzing that includes weighted questions, minimum pass rates and automated assignment of CE points on completion, Members can simply access and view their own activity and generate the report that they require for their professional standards.  Or have that data automated back in the Association Management Software (AMS) of the professional standards scheme. 

You’ve put a lot of time and resources into creating and curating this content that IS valuable. Give it a longer life by selling on-demand to your community of learners.  And sit back as their continuing education points tick over.  Sell individual videos, packages courses or create an annual subscription to your professional development video content. An annual video subscription is a simple and effective way to provide ongoing and lasting value to your members year-round.



7. Sell conference videos on-demand with your own corporate channel

It’s time to monetize your online event, post-event!  Let’s not wrap up the conference and leave the hours of valuable content to collect dust on the shelves. Content is King! So, let’s get your video content to work.

With the rise in Streaming Platforms likes Netflix, Amazon Prime, STAN and even Ted Talks, these providers are creating rich online experiences for their consumers. 

The consumer experience within these applications is driving corporate initiatives to increase brand awareness, engagement, familiarity, deliver high quality personalized experiences and build brand loyalty within their communities.

Our recorded event content gives us hours of content to help kick start our own branded channel, whilst providing multiple opportunities to create additional revenue streams.

So how do you share conference content in its best light?

Start with a small selection of popular or on-trend sessions that can be sold individually post-event. We want to promote only the content that will drive the most sales.

Edit videos into smaller more palatable video chunks, set your member and non-member pricing, and start promoting each individual sessions for sale through your social and email channels.

Create engaging and eye-catching thumbnails for these sessions.  Netflix understands the power of a picture.

“We have such a short time to capture interest, images become the most efficient and compelling way to help members discover the perfect title as quickly as possible.  Artwork was not only the biggest influencer to a member’s decision to watch content, but it also constituted over 82% of their focus while browsing Netflix.”

Don’t promote – the entire conference is available to buy on-demand.  Who wants to watch 50+ hours of event content on-demand?

Once you have your selected few ready for purchase, set the rest of your on-demand conference content to locked access – exclusive to delegates only.  Allow them to play catch-up at a time that suits them.  We know multi-tasking is high during hybrid events.  Provide that added value to attendee’s catchup 10 days, 30 days or 100 days from now.

As delegates come to your corporate channel to catch-up on-demand, let the power of cross-selling take place. Additional revenue can be generated from exposure to other pay-per-view videos within your searchable video library. It could be content from other education video content, another past event, or even the same conference from the prior year. 

Webcastcloud’s extensive range of video monetization features create the opportunity for strategies and sales options to drive revenue from your on-demand video content.

Sell a single live or on-demand video product with pricing tiers for member types or segmented groups. Create subscriptions to a channel, category or entire video library. Sell Premium priced Subscriptions for corporate / enterprise customers.  Create bundles, packages, and course content, and use promotional discounts and voucher to add value to your members.

Get creative and maximize revenue from your on-demand video content.

8. On-Demand Delegate Access

Prior to COVID-19, there has been misconceptions in the events industry that providing online access to your live or post-event content can cannibalise your future event attendance. However, event cannibalisation fears studies confirm that view is unfounded and false.

According to a study conducted by MPI foundation ‘potential cannibalisations of face-to-face events appears to be largely unsubstantiated’ as ‘data suggested that face-to-face attendance actually increased or remained flat’ when making event content accessible for attendees on-demand.

Not every delegate that wants to attend, will be able to attend your event. Whether it be due to budget, travel restrictions, location, personal/family commitments, or corporate preference to other staff.

Promoting event content that is accessible on-demand can expand the reach of your event and contribute to an increase of new attendees at your next event. 

Those online viewers who were never intending to go to your in-person event, now have had some brief exposure to what it could be like. The energy of the speakers of onstage, the quality of the stage production, the excitement from the audience and the value in the content being presented.  The viewer that never intended to go to your in-person event, now starts picturing themselves at your next. 

OnDemand can be packaged up in a variety of different ways.  Start by creating a branded product ‘Conference On-Demand’ to generate front-of-mind awareness with your community. 
Create a bundle with a small subset of the conference content on-demand, set with a one-off price for members and non-members. Alternatively, create a monthly or annual subscription that provides year-round access to your on-demand selection from all your annual events. Thus creating a new steady income stream that doesn’t have the volatility of in-person events (especially during covid times).


Create a solid Post-Event Content Strategy

Webcastcloud have been supporting Associations, NFP and Professional Conference Organizers (PCO) for years, delivering successful pre, during and post-event strategies for video.

With Webcastcloud you’ll be able to mix up how different videos and video packages are accessed, making it easy to sell your videos online. Opening up video content access will help to further the reach and impact of your event, organization, and brand.

In fact, making this event content available on-demand has been shown to act as both a strong marketing tool and means to create an additional revenue stream through video monetization. 


If you’d like to learn more about how to re-purpose your virtual or hybrid event content through our video monetization & virtual event platform, then Contact webcastcloud today! We’re here to set you up for success!