American WaterWorks Association

American Water Works Association (AWWA) win the Impact for Associations Award at Personifest Virtual 2020

Personify Video Integration - Video Training Library

Webcastcloud has allowed us to create a branded video channel that integrates with Personify Association Management Software, enabling AWWA to offer its members a simplified and instantaneous delivery option for purchasing and viewing of safety training videos through a Member Subscription. We now have a platform and digital subscription service that can grow and the ability to continue to create new content and new videos. 


AWWA Video Subscriptions

Through webcastcloud & personify, we are now able to offer a feature rich media experience for our members. 

  • Users can search for the video content they wanted to watch in smaller bite sized chunks.
  • Achieve instant gratification from purchase to online delivery.
  • Improve the online experience – through a dedicated branded video channel for AWWA.

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