Webcastcloud is excited to be back at PersoniFest 2020 for our 3rd consecutive year!

With the conference only weeks away, we’re getting ready to share the best insights and strategies for creating the ultimate event experiences for your members.

PersoniFest is the annual user conference hosted by our integration partner Personify Corp. The conference is an opportunity to sit in on breakout sessions, product training and demos led by industry experts so you can get the most out of our product, webcastcloud.

You will have access to four main stage sessions, one out-of-this-world keynotes speaker, over 50 breakout sessions, 20+ hours of training, plenty of opportunities to consult with webcastcloud video experts…and prizes!

Here’s 5 reasons why you will want to check out our booth and speaking session to make the most out of the annual conference.

1. How to Develop a Video Strategy That Drives Member Engagement and Revenue

Have you used video communications to drive membership growth and engagement?

Video is a powerful tool with the ability to communicate your messages in a quick and engaging way, attracting new members, generating revenue and increasing member value. The power of your Video Strategy can not be overstated.

This year at PersoniFest 2020, video expert Jordana Davis from webcastcloud will show you how to grow your online community using an integrated video strategy that builds brand awareness, member retention, and saves money on the cost of running individual events.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Tips on defining your video strategy to drive engagement
  • How to increase the number of member renewals
  • Proven hacks to bring in new revenue streams using video
  • And more!

Save your seat.

2.   Product Training from Webcastcloud Video Experts

Are you looking to boost your association’s membership and revenue growth?

Developing a solid video strategy can be the solution to increase member value and engagement. Video communications are the key to greater engagement, to simplify your events and free up more time to focus on attracting new members.

Come by our booth to learn more about our product and services. We will show you how you can exceed your goals to reach attendees and non-attendees!

Developing a video content strategy will keep your community engaged and loyal so you can expand your online community through your events, conferences and video archives (so they can stop collecting dust on the shelves).

3.   Earn CAE credits

If you’re looking to learn and gain valuable skills to bring back to your association, then attending breakout sessions is where you can rack up your accreditation points.

Our breakout session How to Develop a Video Strategy That Drives Member Engagement and Revenue will be valid for CAE credits so don’t forget to sign up.

There are over 50 breakout sessions and 20+ hours of training so there are plenty of opportunities to learn and earn CAE credits.

4.   Network, network, network

As an association, attending annual conferences, meetings and events is a great way to meet professionals from your industry.

The networking opportunities PersoniFest has in store for you can help build, grow and add value to bring back to your association- both in professional and casual settings.

 So while you’re waiting for your webcastcloud session to start, grab a snack, turn to the person next to you and strike up a conversation. It’s the perfect opportunity to build connections with industry experts and association professionals like yourself.

5.   Win prizes, watch demos and more!

Who doesn’t love free stuff or winning prizes? Come by our booth to spin the prize wheel and enter to win giveaways, free swag and goodies.

Enter to win plenty of prizes including video hosting packages to help you expand your online community.

This is a great opportunity to see our product in action with a live demo and chat with our video experts in-person.

Ready to talk video strategy? Contact us today!