Membes integration with Webcastcloud’s video monetization & virtual event platform represents both webcastcloud and Membes ongoing commitment to providing a holistic solution to bring improved efficiencies and seamless experiences for their members and clients.

Associations and Event organizers have previously, had no option but to use multiple video streaming and event technologies that have not been able to connect with their website or member directory. The flow-on effect was an increased level of resources that were required during the course of event planning; from ticketing, event registrations, access to the virtual event, on-demand delivery of video content and analytics for attendance or continuing education points.

“This integration saves event managers and video creators 20-30% of their time when managing event registration and accessing lists for live events and on-demand video content. ” Says Jordana Davis, COO Webcastcloud.

“Webcastcloud’s dedicated branded video channel offers simple video monetization, automated member pricing and tracking of continued professional development (CPD) points. A versatile solution that will improve efficiencies and provide diversifying revenue streams.” says Jordana.

The webcastcloud and Membes integration brings Associations and organizations the opportunity to deliver their members a seamless sign-in experience when accessing year-round videos and events. With Membes Single Sign-On (SSO), member pricing and access to various content and events is automated making it easier for your team to focus on marketing your content & events, rather than spending a copious amount of time managing it.

Membes customers can now monetize their education and event video content year-round, driving revenue from popular webinars or live and on-demand events, whilst cross-promoting other video content on their searchable branded video library.

“This is a 360-degree integration from ticketing and registration, member access, pricing tiers and analytics. Automating member video activity and continuing education points back into the Membes AMS streamlines processes for the event & webinar co-ordinator and the members themselves.” Says Membes.

We are excited to see the value and impact this integration will have for Associations and NFP’s with the automation of essential association management functions our customers will save time, create better member experiences, increase revenue, continue to improve efficiency, and grow their organizations.

Get on board and Power up your AMS with the Membes Webcastcloud Integration!

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About Webcastcloud

Webcastcloud is your trusted all-in-one video monetization and event streaming platform. With a branded video channel you will develop a stronger identity, creating a resource that is recognizable and of consistent value for membership to your community/industry. Together we can help you create an engaged global community as you stream and sell video content and events through your branded channel.

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About Membes

Members AMS has everything your association needs to improve operations and grow membership; it provides an integrated and extendable Association Management System (AMS) designed for trade and professional associations, industry bodies and other member-based organisations. Through Members your organization will thrive with the adoption of quality technology that creates opportunities while reducing costs, the fundamental component to the success of any organization. Membes is the market leading and most trusted Association Management Software in Australia.

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