Jordana Davis, CEO of webcastcloud

Webcastcloud, a leading Australian Video Streaming and Monetization Platform, has announced that Jordana Davis has taken up the position as Chief Executive Office from 1st July 2022.

Former CEO Ty Mullens and Jordana Davis have worked closely together as co-founders since 2016.

“Jordana has been actively leading the product direction and strategy of webcastcloud since inception. With over 17 years’ experience in the video industry her knowledge and understanding of the market and the evolution of change within an organization’s video needs, has put her in a great position. Jordana has a strong product vision and strategy, and I look forward to continuing to work closely with her to drive global growth and customer success.” said Ty Mullens.

With over 35 years combined experience in the video industry, we have seen first-hand the time and effort that organizations, event organizers and Associations put into video content creation. We’ve watched them experience the impact from having to use multiple platforms to deliver their live events, webinars, video training and hosting on-demand.

“With a mediocre rather than seamless user experience and loss of analytical data we couldn’t ignore this gap in the market and went on to build Webcastcloud – a centralized, searchable, and personalized professional video library, the powerhouse for our customer’s content. We’ve been able to provide customers with the ability to drive new revenue streams, capture and utilize insightful data whilst providing a seamless user experience from their extensive webinar, events and trainings library.“ said Jordana Davis.

“The video industry has always been an exciting space to be in, and now more ever, video is embedded in all our lives, both socially and professionally.   For our customers, video is here to stay, and it’s becoming an integral part of their year-round strategy for engagement and monetization.” said Jordana

“As a female CEO and Co-Founder in the SaaS Industry, I am looking forward to the opportunity to share my experiences and support more females grow their career in technology and audio-visual.  I am excited to take the helm and lead us through the next stage of growth in Australia, the United States and into new markets.” said Jordana.

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