The Coronavirus outbreak has rattled the global economy, disrupting virtually every major industry from food, fashion, technology, entertainment, education and automobiles. What role will video solutions play in helping to combat these global lockdowns?

Whilst there is no immediate solution to the Coronavirus, we are here to help support the events industry along with those disrupted by this terrible situation.

With many travel restrictions in place internationally, a number of large shows and conferences are choosing to postpone their upcoming events whilst those committed to going ahead are taking precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of their attendees.

Regardless of these precautions, numbers of attendees will undoubtedly drop and international speakers may be lost. There is the stress of losing your big calling card and finding replacement speakers to fill their spot, whilst ensuring that delegate ticket sales are still high and there is no loss of sponsors and exhibitors. The flow on effect can be significant.

We feel the pain and we want to help minimize loss of attendee revenue and remain steadfast in our commitment to be a part of and care for our global communities. Webcastcloud will provide you with the opportunity to retain and potentially grow your customer base and extend the reach of your event whilst supporting the communities that are effected by not being able to attend.

This is a time we need to try new things, and engage our customers through proven event video solutions technologies.

For the past decade, webcastcloud has delivered many large global conferences around the world, whether its live streaming to your global online audience or hybrid event video solutions. We bring virtual speakers to your domestic conference, or a hybrid approach to online and onsite attendees.  Pay-Per-View and Video Streaming sponsorship and advertising provides alternate ways your viewers can be engaged and exhibitors and sponsorship’s may not be lost.

Reach out to webcastcloud to understand how our event If you are feeling the pressure of this public health issue facing the world today, we would love to provide event consulting, advice, and video solutions to bring some or all of your events online.

Reach out to webcastcloud to understand how our events team can assist.