Netflix, Ted Talks, Amazon Prime etc are all driving consumer expectation around the viewing quality we expect from a video streaming service. Along with viewing quality, these streaming services have focused on personalizing the user experience with favorites and recommendations and categorizing content for simplified searching resulting in long term subscriber contracts.

Infact Disney+ added 7.9 million subscribers in the most recent quarter, attracting viewers from a wide range of demographic groups. Disney+ success may be in the entertainment quarter, but there is no reason that their success’ cannot be transferred into the Association and Corporate Sectors.

I’ll include a Disney+ tip into each of our 5 points for increasing success below.

Can your Association reap these same long-term rewards?

Yes, ‘Content is still King’ even with the push back to in-person events. Video-On-Demand, Pay-to-Play, Pay-to-View video content options are valuable components of your year-round Association video strategy for continuing outreach, increasing monetization and member value.

It’s simpler than you think to get started!

An all-in-one Video Monetization and Streaming Platform provides

  •  a centralized platform for your Video Content Library
  •  you with abranded ‘white-labeled’ video channel
  •  a platform where you can create member videos
  •  options for packaging and pricing to sell your content to your online community

Are you creating or ready to create video content for Webinars, Education, Events and more?

Here are 5 reasons associations like yours will benefit BIG TIME from a ‘Netflix-style’ video channel.

1. To Deliver Premium Member Content

Your association’s video content should make you money. A high-quality white label video streaming channel that’s integrated with your AMS for single-sign-on will deliver you multiple monetization opportunities. At the recent ASAE MMC Conference presenter Sarah Black (VP of Content and Communications American Society of Plant Biologists) emphasized that ‘free content should be a tiny fraction of total content, gated content should be the majority of your content’ The demand for access to your content is a powerful recruitment and retention tool!

Whilst a little free content is great for advertising and social media marketing our Netflix-style’ video channels help you add value back to your members by creating premium accessed content exclusively for them.

  • Disney’s focus on content genres makes them 30% more valuable than other streaming services, as it allows consumers the choice of what subscription service to sign up for. Disney is now slated to have a strong push for multiple pricing tiers.
  • Webcastcloud’s all-in-one video streaming and hosting platform allows you to deliver your content in a variety of ways. A tiered approach for recruitment and retaining members including previews for creating buzz and a little FOMO. A variety of subscription models and member pricing packages offer options to successfully deliver your premium member content online adding more value to your brand.

2. To Take Your Association Brand to The Next Level

 Your association can benefit in many ways from having its very own digital TV channel, after all it is your content, and it should be viewed as part of your brand. With your content on an intuitive video platform, you can step it up to the next level by delivering a modern and personalized ‘TV-like’ video streaming experience.  A video library can enhance member value, engagement and drive new members to your Association through value added services. Become the go to resource, the next Ted talk or Netflix platform with your branded video channel.

  • Disney is moving to a direct-to-consumer service, keeping their brand in-house to continue attracting consumers from a wide range of demographics
  • Your Association can also benefit from an increased price-value relationship with a strong brand presence.

3. To Become the Go-To Location for Education And Inspiration

Streamline processes with one platform for centralized and monetized video content, webinars, marketing updates, training, education and more.

Deliver a video channel that is focused on your industry content, the place where your community lands when looking for the latest webinars, educational and professional content, post event inspiration and latest updates. Become the leading brand, the go-to resource!

  • Allegiance to Disney brands results in consumers willing to spend more for exclusive access opportunities.
  • A strong brand with quality professional content is seen as a valuable resource for your members.

4. Enjoy Untapped Non-Dues Revenue

Nothing makes more sense than driving non-dues revenue by selling webinars, conferences, events and other video content to members and non-members on your video channel.

You can cross-sell your videos to members and non-members, members can browse your library of valuable video resources via branded channels, be tempted by content packages, member discounts and subscriptions and other upsell opportunities.

Your Association can benefit from additional non-due revenue streams with an intuitive video platform. Like amazon prime, webcastcloud can provide your association with various levels of member access, and gated content whilst still allowing members to search through your catalogue.

  • Disney’s push for multiple tiered pricing may also include an ad–supported service to drive user growth in price sensitive markets
  • A lower priced ad-supported subscription tier could also become a viable ROI option for your sponsors and partners.

5. To Centralize Video Analytics and Member Activity

Why treat your video as a silo business tool for embedded video, search, video catalogue, webinars and events. Delivering all your member video content through your association video platform will centralize analytics, streamlining your processes for delivering live and on-demand content, automating continuing education activity for video content and provide an intuitive and integrated video experience for your members.

  • Disney is confident that it can continue to transform entertainment by combining extraordinary story telling with innovative technology to create a larger more connected Disney universe.
  • Your Association Video Monetization Streaming and Hosting Platform is the technology that can transform your content and build a connected community. Data unlocks powerful insights and provides a deeper understanding of your members preferences and motivations enabling you to super serve your growing community.

If you know your organization or Association isn’t quite maximizing and centralizing all of your video resources as a valuable library for your members and online community, then reach out to webcastcloud to see how we can help drive engagement and value through your own netflix-style video library.