Say No to YouTube & Vimeo, and Yes to Member Value and New Revenue

If you looking to drive non-dues revenue and enhance member value, then look no further than your online video strategy.

Whilst 53% of Associations site generating non-dues revenue as one of their top 5 challenges, many continue to give away their webinars and videos free on YouTube or Vimeo, missing out on the opportunity to create a valuable ongoing non-dues revenue stream!

In the 2022 Association Benchmarking Report, almost 70% of Associations suggested that YouTube or Vimeo is their primary vehicle for video! And the new number one barrier to member engagement in 2022 was promoting the value of membership and specific member benefits. 

As a professional or trade association, one of your biggest assets is our content and education. If the vast majority of our valuable content is freely available on YouTube or Vimeo, you are working against yourself in promoting the value of your membership.

Providing year-round service and education to your members that is ungated, unsecured, easily shared by a simple link, not searchable and not monetized to non-members, undervalues your knowledge and resources and your perceived video value is seen as mediocre.

Providing members with content that is exclusively for them, promotes the value of their membership and your organization.

Here are 3 simple but successful strategies to demonstrate member value through video:

  1. Launch Your own Association Branded Video Channel

Your video content, your messaging will allow you to deliver a customized and engaging member experience with your Association branded video platform

Launch your own Association “Plus”, “TV” or “NOW” branded video streaming service. 
There are 400+ streaming services around the world with the world “Plus”. Whilst we might not be streaming Movies and TV shows, we are delivering educational videos, plus, webinars, plus conferences, plus seminars, plus continuing education.   

So why not launch your own Association+ video streaming channel for your members?

Your front-of-mind branded video channel will be the first point of touch for many members and, even non-members. 

48.7% of Members imply they are too busy – so centralization, personalization and search are key to finding valuable content fast and on-demand for busy members.

Your searchable and branded video platform will demonstrate your wide range of Continuing Education activity across your searchable library of courses, seminars, events and webinars.

  • Promote your branded streaming channel across all your marketing communications to ‘re-establish’ member exclusive benefits

    If your members don’t know about it, or it’s not simple to find, how will they perceive value?
    Branding and reinforcement are key. 

    If there is a live webinar about to start, or a recent conference of on-demand recordings, your members should instantly know the content can be found easily on your Association Video Channel.

    Creating brand awareness is a key step in promoting a new product or reviving an older brand – significantly helping to reinforce the value-added features of your membership. 

    Email automation will positively impact member engagement.

    For example, delivering a Netflix-style “what’s new” email from content across your entire video library allows members to receive emails when something is new and relevant to them, creating an individualized member experience.  

    Providing value in every email you send will keep members engaged and interacting with your content. This is a sure-fire way to foster member value, deepen relationships, and member advocacy.
  • Deliver Webinars – live and on-demand available from your searchable and branded streaming channel.
    37% of Association in the 2022 Association Benchmark said there are too many competing options for relevant content, events and education on the open market.

    At the recent 2022 ASAE Annual Meeting in Nashville, webcastcloud spoke to a large number of Associations that are continuing to use Zoom (or similar) for live webinars, then moving their content on-demand to Vimeo or YouTube. 

    This results in a tedious workflow with unnecessary repetition required to setup access, pricing, editing and re-uploading on-demand video, sharing and continuing education reporting. The end result is dispersed analytics and missed opportunity to effectively utilize insightful membership data.

    By creating a branded platform that centralizes all your live and on-demand webinars, your Association video channel will be positioned in the forefront of your members minds when looking for content and education.

    Members won’t need to search through old emails for zoom webinar links or wait to find out where the on-demand video will be available from.  They know to connect straight to your video streaming channel and you will be offering a seamless and intuitive member experience.

2. Gated Member Video Content for Added Value

Showcasing a dedicated Association video library with a range of member only videos, demonstrates the value of your resources and content. 

Using webcastcloud, non-members can still browse your video library although, they will need to login and have member access to unlock your member only video content. 

Gated content is perceived to be valuable; it can increase traffic to your website, consequently bringing in more high-quality visitors and potential purchasers.

Webcastcloud integrates with popular AMS vendors such as (Naylor, Personify, iMIS & more) where member types, committees, and groups can all be assigned access to premium video content.

Unlike YouTube and Vimeo that don’t have the advanced Association Management Software or CRM integration, you can define access to different videos or channel based on your membership data. 

Simple access to content when a member logs in via SSO, their access becomes unlocked and available to the various resources specific to their member type/level. This immediately demonstrate value by providing content exclusively for them. 

3. Monetize Videos to Non-Members, an even Members

There has been an increase in the number of Associations concerned about the inability to generate revenue from sources beyond member dues. 53% share this concern according to the Association Benchmarking Report and at this stage, on average nearly one-fourth of revenue is from sponsorships sales and another forth from exhibit sales.

Underutilized video monetization falls into the pool of 13.4% for other revenue with the biggest barriers for monetization being that Associations are understaffed and have limited resources.

The beauty of monetization of your online content from your Association Video Channel is that it can be integrated and fully automated, eliminating these barriers and providing the large upside potential for non-dues revenue.

Video Monetization can come in all shapes, sizes and packages:

  • Set a price for a video for non-members and anonymous users browsing your video library, immediately creates perceived value for members.
  • Member Pricing for Premium Content is a successful add-on
  • Your members can login to your branded video library, and immediately access your member only video content.
  • Customizing content packages for a variety of member segments eg: new graduates, students or specific fields
  • Reduced rates for member content
  • Tiered memberships with discounted rates for content
  • Vouchers for membership renewals to be used on your video library, creating actual member value

Membership value is a combination of strategies to create both perceived and actual value. Webcastcloud’s Video Monetization Platform empowers Associations to deliver a valuable video streaming website for your members.

From the 2022 Association Benchmarking Reports, we expect to see more Associations move to their own private-label video platform over the next 12 months. 

Don’t make this year, one of lost opportunity!

It’s time to connect and customize your member experience, be resourceful and adaptable, perceived value and monetizing.

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