iMIS iNNOVATIONS Conference is going VIRTUAL!

iMIS has just announced they are going Vitual for their 2020 iMIS iNNOVATIONS Conference.

Webcastcloud are excited to be part of the virtual format and providing an integrated video channel for their global viewers.

Learn more from iMIS’s about the Event Technology stack they are using for their Virtual Event!

3 reasons to use video hosting and streaming at your next event

Due to the current public health crisis surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), the 2020 iMIS iNNOVATIONS conference will now be held 100% virtually.

To protect the health and safety of partners, employees and staff, webcastcloud will be streaming the iMIS iNNOVATIONS conference online to bring you the same wonderful, packed program.

The only difference is that the content will be delivered and available to you virtually via webcastcloud’s video streaming digital framework.

webcastcloud’s video platform integrates with iMIS – so even if you can’t attend online during the live sessions, the content will be available on-demand through our integrated webcastcloud Video Channel.

Stay tuned to learn more about how to join virtually and we will keep you posted next week with more updates as we transition to a virtual event.

In the meantime, here’s 3 reasons why video hosting and streaming can help you overcome the impact of COVID-19 on your in-person events.

1.   Increase Brand Awareness with Video Streaming Subscriptions

If you haven’t noticed, streaming subscriptions are on the rise. Whether it’s Netflix, Foxtel, TEDx, these companies are generating revenue and building their brand by creating ever-lasting consumer experiences.

When you think about, this same strategy can be applied to your nonprofit or association.

If you want to get your members to engage with your content anytime, anyplace then its time to consider video subscriptions.

When you launch a conference or event, the last thing you want is for your content to go to waste. A lot of associations will capture content from their live event that never gets utilized.

In order to create a memorable experience for your members, build an online community within your video library and member portal integration.

webcastcloud can help you create a memorable brand experience, increase engagement with your members and deliver an overall high-quality experience to build brand loyalty and online communities.

Supporting face-to-face communications through a quality and interactive viewing experience, it has proven to increase retention and improve viewers outcomes.

Creating your own subscription platform allows your members to access all your video media, events, webinars under the same dedicated video channel/website.

Your association can increase brand awareness with a video channel, so members always know how to simply access your event or trainings.

Hosting your content through a video channel subscription medium allows your audience to access online informal and formal professional development e-learning materials that integrates with your AMS system.

This way, you can integrate you Member Portal using our APIs connection to support Single Sign-On for your members.

Once your members login to the portal, they can access all the content on your video channel without additional login prompts.

There’s nothing better than giving your members a rich, seamless user experience with a branded video channel.

2.   Monetize Your Events with Event Video Capture

You might be worried that the hard work you’re putting in to executing a successful conference or event will go to waste, but your audience is probably more interested in checking out your content after the event ends than they are trying to scramble to take down notes during a presentation or speaking session.

Selling Videos Recordings on-demand following your event provides a great way to continue year-round engagement with your community, highlight popular video content from your event and continue to generate revenue from the valuable content you have captured.

Pay-Per-View and subscription models can activate a brand-new revenue stream for your association.

3.   Create Your Own Branded Video Channel

webcastcloud video channels can be customized and white-labelled to suit the look-and-feel of your corporate website or intranet, whilst offering ease of access for your users via single sign-on (SSO) with your CRM, Website or Association Management Software.

Now more than ever, its so important that we deliver a online event experience that supports your company and your event brand.

Sometimes it can feel like we are drowning in a world of internal workflows. Switching from app to app, uploading and downloading files…and uploading them again.

Existing workflows are tedious and time-consuming and with different video platforms being used across the organization, it can be hard to organize and deliver tech events such as webinars, live events and on-demand video hosting.

webcastcloud’s in-product capabilities allow you to create a branded video channel offering a one-stop-shop user experience for your members, including:

  • Flexible viewing options (pay-pay-view vs. enterprise subscriptions)
  • Cross selling opportunities
  • Repeated views
  • Gated content

So, what are you waiting for? Get started now.