Increase membership value with an effective video strategy


Creating your Associations branded video library with your valuable resources designed for your members will drive revenue, engagement, brand loyalty and grow your community.

  • Grow revenue through pay-per-view and subscriptions

  • Become the ‘go to’ portal for knowledge, education and events

  • Simplify access to live and on-demand videos through one central location that integrations with your Association website

Your Association Video Library

With the likes of Netflix, STAN and TedX creating quality online experiences for their consumers, these applications are driving organization initiatives to create branded experiences that create awareness, engagement, familiarity, personalization, build brand loyalty and communities.


webcastcloud video platform will take you organizations there to create a high quality and valuablevideo experience for your Association and its Members.

Conference & Events

Package and sell your conferences, meetings, events and webinars online through the one platform.

Member Access

Define access and pricing tiers to content through your Association groups, member types or event delegate

Sell Videos

Sell single videos or package up content with a channel to monetize your video content year-round. 

Premium Access

Create Locked Videos or Channels that are exclusively available to premium members, content subscribers or event delegates. Showcase the content is there to promote the next tier of membership.

Subscription Models

Create renewable video subscriptions to a channel or package of content or your entire video library. Subscriptions can be defined to renewal weekly, monthly or yearly - or even managed from our integration with your Association Management Software. 

Showcase your Content

Give your education content and events the experience they deserve with a video library for your brand and your members.  

Maximize Exposure

All your members to find the video content that is most valuable to them. Through search you will increase exposure to all available content and the opportunity to increase revenue.

Launch Quickly

Forget cumbersome workflows where you use a different platform for your live events, webinars and on-demand videos. Time spent moving content around and updating video links and embed codes. One dedicated video platform for your live and on-demand content.

Learn proven video strategies used by other Associations & NFP Organizations


Integrate with your preferred Association Management Software (AMS)

Intuitive Member Access

Simplify access for your members through single sign-on and advanced integrations to ensure they see the right content, price or videos for their member profile.

Automate Processes

Streamline back end processes with a video platform that integrations with your Association Management Software from managing single sign-on, member pricing and access, subscriptions, event access, sales orders and continuing education point activity tracking.

Modernize the member experience

Launching an attractive, branded and scalable online video community platform quickly and affordably is important for Associations wanting to create valuable member experiences and easily access important content to foster professional development.

Multiple ways to sell your content

  • Sell conference or event products
  • Monetize individual videos live or on-demand
  • Package your trainings or create online courses
  • Set videos and channels to free, paid, secure or private
  • Create Subscriptions Models – Organisations and individuals
  • Site wide subscriptions or specify a channel/package of content
  • Automate Group, Member or Delegate pricing tiers
  • Setup promotional discount codes to be used at checkout
  • Create Vouchers for individual members or groups
  • Sell promotional ad's and branding across your site and live streams
  • Create sponsorship or exhibitor packages for your events

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Add Continuing Education Points to your videos

Increase the value of your education and training content with in-built quizzing.
Quizzes will be displayed during or at the end of your video, allowing your members to demonstrate their knowledge and achieve continuing education points or compliance with your course.


Evaluate content comprehension with In-Built Video Quizzing

Let your members take a quiz within your video and provide evidence of content comprehension and engagement with the video

Grow Video Revenue

Adding Continuing Education Points to your videos will drive sales of your online videos and courses.


Continuing Education Points

Ensure competency has been met through quizzes within your videos, allowing members and viewers to gain continuing education points automatically after achieving your desired pass rate.

Member Profiles

Simplify access for your members to proof of completion and quizzing results through their user profile.  

Post back Education Points to Member Profiles within your Association Management Software/ CRM.

Allow members to create their own playlist of favourite videos

Cross-expose your members to different content and events, and allow them to create their own playback of content that is valuable to them. Purchase a video or channel, and have instant gratification to viewing your videos.

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