Generate Non-Dues Revenue & Member Value with your Association Videos

webcastcloud's all-in-one video platform will empower you to your association video library, creating year-round member value and non-dues revenue from your videos, webinars, education, courses and events.

Video Monetization

Sell Videos to grow revenue through pay-per-view, video subscriptions, channels, virtual events, bundles and more


Video Library

  • Become the ‘go to’ portal for knowledge, education and events

Live and On-Demand

  • Simplify access to live and on-demand videos and streamline your processes with one video platform

AMS Integrations

Integrate with your preferred Association Management Software to provide a seamless experience for members and a 360 integration

Launch Your White-Label Association Video Library

Create quality online experiences for your members, with a branded video library that creates awareness, engagement, familiarity, personalization, build brand loyalty and community.

Forget cumbersome workflows using different platform for your live events, live webinars and on-demand videos. Time spent moving content between platforms, and updating access and video links for your members.  webcastcloud provides a dedicated video platform for your year-round live and on-demand video content.

Insightful Analytics & Continuing Education Tracking

All your video analytics across your webinars, videos and events in one centralized location to empower your organization to do more with your member data.

Track Continuing Education (CAE/CME/CPD/CEU) across all your videos, webinars and courses with self-assessment quizzing & video activity. 



Generate Non-Dues Revenue - Simply!

Upload your video, set your price and start selling immediately.
webcastcloud's vast range of monetization features makes it simple for your community to purchase videos, and watch instantly.

Reduce internal resources by streaming & selling all your videos & webinars through your dedicated member video library. 

Create an Engaging Video Experience

Launching a searchable, personalized and interactive video experience for your members ensures you become the front-of-mind location for member education & events.

Enhance their video streaming experience with Polling, Chat, Multiple Choice, Quizzes, Open Text Questions, Call-To-Actions, Captions and more!



Personify Video integration partnership

Integrate with your Preferred Association Software (AMS)

Launching a video library that integrates with your Association Management Software or CRM ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience for your members — automating access to video content, webianrs & events, whilst automated member pricing tiers across the range of pay-per-view content.


Some of the video streaming brands we have helped create

See how simple it is to get started 

Deliver year-round value for your members

Video Monetization flexible enough to suit your Association's strategy

Your Association branded video channel will provide the opportunity for your members to self educate at a time that suits them, whilst provide a central location to increase non-dues revenue through a huge variety of video monetization tools.

Conference & Events

Package and sell your conferences, meetings, events and webinars online through the one platform.

Gated Member Videos

Define access to your video resources based on your Associations member types, groups, committees and event registrations.  

Sell Member and Non-Member Videos

Simply set your video price and member price to start selling videos with pay-per-view. Members will automatically see their member price when they are logged in.

Premium Access

Create Locked Videos or Channels that are exclusively available to premium members, content subscribers or event delegates. Showcase the content is there to promote the next tier of membership.

Subscription Models

Create renewable & sell video subscriptions to a channel or package of content or your entire video library. Subscriptions can be defined to renewal weekly, monthly or yearly - or even managed from our integration with your Association Management Software.

Sell Video Packages

Package up your content using Channels, and sell a curated selection of videos simply from one simply user transaction.  Support member pricing tiers across channels within your video library.

Maximize Exposure - Cross-Sell

Make it simple for all your members to find and search through the video content that is most valuable to them. Increase exposure to all library of videos, webinars and events - providing more opportunity to increase revenue.

Showcase your Content

Give your webinars, education content and events the experience they deserve with a video library for your brand and your members. 

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Integrate with your preferred
Association Software (AMS)

webcastcloud is purpose-built for Associations and integrates seamlessly with popular Association Management Software (AMS) and Association CRMs.
Streamline your processes with an Association Video Platform that works for your organization.


Intuitive Member Access

Simplify access for your members through single sign-on and advanced integrations to ensure they see the right content, price or videos for their member profile.

Automate Processes

Streamline back end processes with a video platform that integrations with your Association Management Software from managing single sign-on, member pricing and access, subscriptions, event access, sales orders and continuing education point activity tracking.


Streamline member login, member & group video access and monetize more videos & events with iMIS Video Integration.
Learn More about iMIS Video Integration

Membes Association Software

Launch your branded video library with seamless Single Sign-On and advanced member integration to automate video access for members, and member and non-member video prices.
Learn More about Membes Video Integration


Personify SSO will streamline your member experience, whilst advanced product & digital subscription integration for Members and Organizations will help create new recurring year-round revenue.
Learn More about Personify Video Integration

Learn proven video strategies used by other Associations & NFP Organizations


Modernize Your Online Member Experience

Launching an attractive, branded and scalable online video community platform quickly and affordably is important for Associations wanting to create valuable member experiences and easily access important content to foster professional development.


Create a reputable brand for your content


Create an Engaging & Valuable Member Experience

Be the go-to location for latest content & education

Increase Content Demand and Grow Revenue

Year-Round Non-Dues Revenue from your Video Catalog

  • Sell conference and event products
  • Monetize individual videos - live or on-demand
  • Package your trainings or create online courses
  •  Launch Video Subscriptions – for Individuals & Companies

    Automate Member, Group and Committee Pricing
  •  Allow access to paid content for specific member types or event delegates
  •  Use promotional discount codes and monetary Vouchers to enhance member renewals

  •  Sell advertising & add value to sponsors across your video library year-round

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Track Continuing Education Credits
With Your Video Content

Increase the value of your education and training content with in-built quizzing. Display Video Quizzes during or at the end of your video, allowing your members to demonstrate their knowledge and achieve continuing education points or compliance with your course.



Evaluate Comprehension with In-Built Video Quizzing


Let your members take a quiz within your video and provide evidence of content comprehension and engagement with the video. Set your points and pass rate, and assign continuing education points on completion



Automate Continuing Education Credits (CME/CEU/CAE/CPD)

Automate CAE/CPD achievements with your video content through quiz completion or video duration watched. In-built video quizzing allows your members to take a quiz within your video, track history and points achieved in their user profile and provide evidence of content comprehension and engagement.

You video creators will set your points, pass rate and questions. Or simply assign points based on hours or minutes watched for your videos. Members automatically achieve their points after completing the requirements set for your continuing education activity.

Engage Members with Video Surveys, Polls, Start Rating Questions & Chat

Live or On-Demand, you have the ability to create the engagement experience you desire with webcastcloud's video engagement tools.

Create Live Polls for your Live Webinar or Virtual Event Audience, Push Surveys with Star Rating and Open Text Questions at the end of your sessions.  A video players should have all your engagement tools built-in to provide you with a central location for your valuable member insights.

Allow members to create their own playlist of favourite videos

Cross-expose your members to different content and events, and allow them to create their own playback of content that is valuable to them. Sell videos or channels, and have instant gratification to viewing your videos.

Looking for your Association Software Integration?

Reach out to our team to discuss how we can integrate with your Association Management Software or Membership CRM.


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