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All-In-One Video Monetization & Event Streaming Platform

Whether you’re just starting out with a single virtual or hybrid event or have a video library ready to share, webcastcloud is the platform for you.

We’ve made it easy to upload your videos and start engaging your viewers through your own corporate branded video channel.


Branded Video Channel

Create your own “Netflix” or “Ted Talks” style Video Channel for your community engagement.

Upload your video content with tags, categories, speakers, descriptions and additional searchable metadata.

Build searchable channels for events, conferences, webinars and continuing education (CLE, CAE, CPD) through a single video platform.

Provide ease of access to your members through Single Sign-On (SSO) with your existing website, CRM or Association Management Software (iMIS, Personify, Membes, Naylor and more).


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Sell Your Videos

Pay-Per-View single videos or monetize a bundle of videos within a channel  

Create video subscriptions to your entire library or a specific channel

Sell access to Virtual / Hybrid Events, year-round

Establish member/group pricing tiers or automate access to videos to premium members or event delegates 

Provide instant gratification from payment completion to video or event access

Manage, share, secure and sell your videos from one central location.

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Virtual & Hybrid Events

Create branded conference & event experiences.

Deliver your sessions live and on-demand or work with webcastcloud's Event Team to manage your end-to-end production.

Single single live streams, event tracks or an entire conference.

Manage pricing tiers for different member types and organizations.

Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) for your delegates with your Association Management Software or CRM.

Monetize most valuable content post-event through your year-round video library.

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Built-in Video Paywall to Streamline Video Sales

Pay-Per-View Videos & Channels

Step up your content game with monetization from your branded video library.  Through our Video Paywall you’ll be able to sell individual videos, subscriptions, event packages, set member discounts and create exclusive video content.

Your Revenue directly into your account

We integrate with many popular payment gateway providers. Simply connect your existing business payment gateway provider (PayPal, Stripe, bPoint and more) with webcastcloud, and start selling your videos. Revenue will go straight into your linked bank account.  Extract sales reports sales via webcastcloud Admin or our API to populate into your accounting system for analysing and growing your revenue streams.

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  • Video Library

    Your Branded Video Channel

    Delivering content through your dedicated video channel with webcastcloud will ensure your viewers don't get lost in the sea of advertising and consumer video sites.

    Whether you’re a seasoned video creator or just starting out with a small event or video series, webcastcloud’s easy to use and customizable channels allow you to create a standout video channel within minutes.

    Through your video channel you’ll develop a strong identity creating a resource that is recognizable and of consistent value for membership to your community/industry

  • Event Channels

    Event Branded Channels

    Break out individual channels for Events, Conferences, Webinar Recordings, Training and other video communications. Through multiple event channels you can integrate and retain brand consistency with a single dedicated location to watch all content.

    Event breakout channels can have their own brand, advertising and content.

  • Live Stream

    Live Streams

    Run a single live stage or multiple live streams scaled to suit your event size.

    Deliver your own live events or work with our experience events production team - we have been live streaming events for more than 15 years.

    Brand your live sessions to promote different sponsors, whilst providing multiple touch points for your sponsors and exhibitors through video ad-placement before during and after yoru live stream, call-to-actions on your live event page, and banner advertising throughout your event video site. 


  • Video Page

    Quality Experiences

    Deliver your video content online with the same experience as your onsite attendees. Your video is streamed in multiple bit rates (reducing buffering) with synchronized power point or video presentation content.

    Add interactivity features for your online audience, upload documents or attachments and define your content as Paid, Free, Private, Locked or Discounted for specific member or delegate lists.

  • Exhibitors

    Easy Engagement for Sponsors & Exhibitors

    Simple & Intuitive Interface that doesn't over complicate how to get to a virtual booth.  

    Only two clicks away from meeting your exhibitors. Multiple touch points and call-to-actions to maximize opportunities to connect.

Flexible Pricing and Access

Manage audience and member based access to videos, channels or events whether they are Paid, Free, Secure or Private.

Create event delegate lists or use groups/member-types from your existing directory or Association Management Software to unlock videos for the right audience.


Paid Videos

Set your price and start selling videos from your library and/or package together and sell an entire channel. Our video paywall allows users to buy and watch their videos instantly. Automate member pricing tiers through single-sign-on (SSO) or import your own member lists. 

Locked or Private Videos

Promote valuable video content is available but restricted for access to premium members, subscribers or event delegate lists. Ideal for events access (live or on-demand), subscription content or premium memberships with your Association or Organization.


Free Videos

A great lead generation tool that will also show the value of your video channel or membership.

Free videos can promote your event, allow anonymous public viewers to watch selected videos or prompt viewers to register or log in to watch.


Stay in the loop with how other Associations and Event organizers are using webcastcloud to drive engagement and increase revenue

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    Designed to integrate with popular CRMs & Association Management Software (AMS)


    Seamless Member Access with Single Sign-On

    Integrating Single-Sign-On (SSO) with you existing website, CRM or Association Management Software can offer a variety of member access levels for your content.

    Automatic unlocking for group access to different videos or channels, providing member pricing discounts or even supporting pay-per-view from your existing website make it simple for community to view and purchase content.

    Easily upload your Videos

    Upload your existing video content to your video channel with tags, categories, speakers, descriptions and other searchable meta data. Or create a live stream for your webinars, meetings or events.

    Deliver your live and on-demand video content in your branded library, that consistent with your organizations website. As well as create breakout channels designed to suit your brand or event.

    Cross-sell videos from your branded channel

    Extend the reach of your event, conference or education sessions whilst also increasing your revenue. Set your pricing and start selling single videos, channels, site wide or bundled content subscriptions and event packages.

    Define and automate pricing tiers and content access across all your groups, member types and event delegates through integration with your Association Management Software or CRM.

    User Analytic Reports for CAE/Professional Development Points.

    Through a single video platform you’ll build searchable channels for events, conferences, webinars and continuing education programs.

    Start Sharing Videos through a channel that integrates with your website, and produces analytics on your viewers engagement, activity and video analytics.

    Continue Evolving your Video Monetization Strategy

    Our extensive features empower you to make the best use of your video content, to drive engagement and revenue year-round.

    Flexible pricing options to suit a broad range of features from continuing education videos, webinars, conferences & events.


    Locked / Premium Videos

    Allocate tiered access to your videos for premium members, subscribers or delegates.
    Teasers from locked can be showcased to your community as a value-added service.
    Videos will automatically unlock for premium subscribers, allocated member types or specific groups once they log in.


    Paid Videos

    Promote your paid video library through showreels or teasers as a value added service to memberships whilst offering free viewing to your premium members and subscribers.

    Videos will automatically become available to designated member types or specific groups at sign in.

    Private Videos

    Keep your content secure and visible only to specific groups or members though Private video channels. 

    Even lock a channel down only to be accessible by a specific company. Integrate Private Videos and Channels with your website or corporate directory for unlocking group privlidges.


    Free Videos

    Share your videos online and via your video channel to your community.

    Use your free videos as a tool to build lead generation by offering public videos or video previes with that require the users to login or create a member account.


    Create valuable content to share with your audience year round.


    Member Lists
    Member Lists allow you to create custom access lists to unlock your events, paid videos or private video channels or setup discounted member pricing to a unique set of users.
    Ideal when you dont have a group or member-type setup in your corporate directory, website or CRM. Commonly used when you have a list of event delegates who are provided on-demand access to an event, or pre-sales that were made through other platforms.
    Corporate Packages & Subscriptions

    Consider selling one off video packages to an entire organisation; We’ve built an ‘Enterprise Whitelist’ application to allow you to sell premium access for an entire company to a a single video, event or conference channel.

    Sponsors & Advertising

    Generate new revenue streams with your own advertising.
    Attract Sponsors and sell sponsorship packages for your event with advertising space throughout your channel.

    A Video Platform for your Association

    We’ve designed and purpose built our video channel to integrate with your AMS or CRM. You’ll provide seamless access for your members and community.

    Members can easily access your branded video channel with a single login from your website. Video access can be customised for member pricing or member and subscriber only access.

    Learn more about Association Video Solutions

    All the tools you'll need to sell your videos, build brand awareness & community engagement whilst improving member value.


    Discover how webastcloud integrates with your CRM or Association Management Software (AMS)

    webcastcloud will streamline your access and video management workflows.

      Get started with a one off package for your

      annual meeting


      Start your video strategy with a single event package and provide year-round access to your Conference, Meeting or Event.

      Selling your valuable content pre-event, during and post-event.

      Upload your Pre-Recorded Videos

      Save time with our layout options, we’ve designed a template that you can personalise to suite your brand and individual event channels

      Schedule your Live Stream

      webcastcloud can provide you end-to-end event video production to deliver your next live stream, or simply connect your video meeting client or broadcast encoder to our live streaming channel. Run single or concurrent live streams or schedule a simulated live stream.

      Start Selling Content right now

      No need to wait for your event to start, up-sell videos and packages immediately from your event site.  Live Streams, on-demand access, premium content or ticket access.  Make the most of your content post-event with our vast range of video monetization options.

      Customize video access for members & delegates

      Easily create viewing permissions for different groups, member types and delegate ticket types.

      Funds go directly into your bank account

      Bring your own payment gateway provider via selected integrations. Cleared funds are deposited directly into your nominated account.

      Small Event

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      • Up to 10 videos
      • Branded Video Channel
      • 1 Event Branded Channel
      • Pay-Per-View
      • Paid, Locked & Free Videos
      • Discount Policies 
      • Custom Delegate Lists
      • Unlimited Members
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      Medium Event

      Medium Sized Event Package from $1299
      Start uploading your videos today
      • Up to 30 Videos
      • Branded Video Channel
      • 1 Event Branded Channel
      • Pay-Per-View
      • Paid, Locked & Free Videos
      • Discount Policies
      • Custom Delegate Lists
      • Unlimited Members
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      Large Event

      Large Event Package from $1899

      • Up to 50 Videos
      • Branded Video Channel
      • 1 Event Branded Channel
      • Pay-Per-View
      • Paid, Locked & Free Videos
      • Discount Policies
      • Custom Delegate Lists
      • Unlimited Members
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